About us

Develop a Plan of Action

We are of the mindset, a plan is a map that moves us into the future. You have wants and surely there are needs. Together we find a blending.  We find what is needed first and go from there - moving forward. Anything is possible.


Facts are facts and are subject to change. Only Truth & Change is constant. You can always count on Change. We know that change does not have to be scary, it is just different. Different is good.


We look at what is appearing  from various angles to be most advantageous in finding a solution that will work best for you, in your unique situration.


We navigate pitfalls. You will not be alone during this business transaction.

Follow the Plan

Change may be constant, yet having a plan does help real estate transactions go smoother. We naviagate for less unknowns, as well as, bring on greater satisfaction, with eyes on the goal.


You've probably heard: "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Life is maleable, so plans may change, as long as we can keep focus on an end result, we can and will get through the rough spots together.


Having been around a while, we have life experiences. This means super resourceful. Allow our experience to work for you.


No one can know everything, or predict the exact future. We do however, base our knowledge of real estate markets, on trends and cycles. 

Celea Star-bio

Truly enjoy being a Real Estate Professional. The canvas is the world, for God sake. What a beautiful world it is, too! I love my work. I truly enjoy meeting new people, creating goals, negotiating and being a solution provider. I don't work with everyone, as we may not be a good fit. I come from the heart & live the golden rule.


Please know that my way is not the only way. Many other folks are out there anxiously awaiting you. I believe in the law of attraction. We get what we attract to us.


We have been both buyers and sellers of real estate throught the years, Reasons for becoming a Real Estate Professional is because of the various transactions. No sense rehashing, just do something about it. So here I am.


Now we even buy houses, in any condition. 


I have experienced the highs of life and seriously rock bottom lows. I cherish all the good times and have learned much about life during the lows.


I have survivied three (3) NDE's (near death experience), so I am here a good reason, as I keep coming back. The books I will write telling about those experiences should be interesting. My experiences are different that what I have read.


Witnessed through live TV coverage of President Kennedy being shot when no one thought such a thing would be. Live TV now has a delay because of that incident.


Experienced marriages, divorce, college, raising children,  Viet Nam war, Watergate, & Woodstock. Did I mention the Beatles?


More college, various businesses, including a cross country refrigerated trucking business.  Got out when log books were not going to be mandatory after the borders opened up, for non-US truckers. The playing field was no longer equal. We all must make decisions.


Felt the pain of bankruptcy, foreclosure and job loss.


Experienced extreme loss of a loved one. My spouse, the one who lit up a room, could tell anything to, played guitar remarkably well, a true artist on many fronts, including poetry - transitioned out in death on our move to Pahrump, NV.


Grief is a life sucker and four (4) years later, I now have a renewed sense of life. I have a passion to be the best me I can be, be of service to all I come in contact. No difference how big or small, as it is all relative anyway. Always in the eye of the beholder.


I no longer say nothing surprises me, as honestly, many things do surprise me, in a glorius way. Maybe due to always asking of everything that comes up: 

"How good can this get?"


There is an "isness" to life, that we each get to experience and take a viewpoint from, then change perspective and get another viewpoint. My constant wonder is: "How good can this get?"


And so it is. May your life be enriched and all your dreams manifest. It helps to know how to make dreams become reality. The Feeling of the end, is the Secret Sauce.